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IMM Premium Projects casting call models

Published date: January 25, 2016
  • Location: United States

IMM Premium Projects casting call:

1. Fashion Tour: Seeking 2 female and 2 male models, 25 Days and Pay: $ 50,000.00

2. Paris: “Cover Girl” and Editorial Shoot for Brand MJ Collection by Vogue. Pay: $ 15000.00

3. Dubai: Seeking male and female models for W16 of PRADA

4. Miami: 3 Female Models required for H & M Capsule Collection of LINGERIES

5. Dubai: Seeking two Female and 2 Male model for W16 Collection of MANGO Clothing. $ 20,000.00

6. SANTOOR SOAP TVC and SOAP Cover poster Shoot

7. Dubai: Seeking 2 Female and 2 Male Model for Forever21 Dennim Summer 2016

8. Seeking 3 Female and 4 Male Model for Calvin Klein Underwear2016


IMM Agency models are preferred.

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Paid job: yes
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