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New film from TheDirector Apar needs actors Los Angeles

Published date: January 24, 2014
  • Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

In a tale of uncommon truths and all to common lies comes the story of three men, each seeking a level of redemption and deliverance from Techwood Cross.

Techwood Cross Cast

1. Gary (14) Main Character - 8th grade student struggling with poverty.
2. Shark (25) Main Character - Street hustler fully maturated into the trap lifestyle.
3. Byron (28) Main Character – Youth Pastor, community activist, entrepreneur
4. Shenay (34) Mother of Gary & Genecia.
5. Genecia (8) Gary’s annoying little sister.
6. Pastor Hall (50) Pastor of New Hope mega church, Byron’s father.
7. Mrs. Vanessa Hall (28)- Byrons wife, Gary’s teacher,
8. Principal (55) – Techwood Highschool Principle
9. Mrs. Hall (50)- First Lady of New Hope church.
10. Mayor (50)- Mayor of city, supporter of Byron
11. Ka’Nesha (24)- Sharks extremely beatiful girlfriend
12. Zeus (28)- Byron’s bestfriend and coconspirator
13. Black (30) Drug Dealer, murder,
14. Jimmy (36) Drug addict, Sharks uncle
15. Dwight (34) Genecia’s father
16. Dominique (15) Gary’s friend
17. Adam (14) Gary’s classmate
18. Deborah (26) Volunteer, Byron’s friend
19. Reporter (30) Female news reporter
20. Reporter (35) Male news reporter
21. Brother Malcolm (40) New Hope church member
22. Bishop Owens (65) New Hope Bishop, old school
23. Brother Jones (35) New Hope member, Byron’s Friend
24. Deacon James (45) New Hope Deacon
25. Mrs. Thomas (32) Teacher at THS.
26. Nicole Clark (24) Teacher at THS.
27. Renee (15) Student at THS.
28. Job Interviewer (23) Interviews Shenay for position.
29. Deborah’s Assistant (22) Volunteer
30. Volunteer 1
31. Volunteer 2
32. Volunteer 3
33. Drug Dealer 1
34. Drug Dealer 2
35. Drug Dealer 3
36. Drug Dealer 4
37. Goon 1
38. Goon 2
39. Prostitute
40. Dancer 1
41. Dancer 2
42. Bartender
43. Patron 1
44. Police Officer
45. Patron 2
46. Bus Driver
47. Bystander
48. Homeless Person 1
49. Homeless Person 2
50. Homeless Person 3
51. Homeless Person 4
52. Drug User
53. Drug User
54. Secretary at Church
55. Car Salesmen

56-85. School Students
85-140. Block Party
120-160. Club
160-200+. Extras

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