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web-series "STATUS QUO" shooting spring 2016

Published date: January 21, 2016
  • Location: United States


Ten14 Productions LLC is currently accepting VIDEO/EMAIL SUBMISSIONS for the NEW and EXCITING web-series "STATUS QUO". Follow the lives of these friends as they discover LIFE and LOVE in Atlanta. There is a gay plot line but ALL ACTORS are encouraged to apply regardless of sexual preference. We need to be fully cast by the end of winter as we will begin filming in Spring of 2016. All open roles are listed below:

“Status Quo” Character Breakdown

Aaron Caruso: Event Planner- “Exquisite Creations Event Planning Firm”
(Loves to party, Opinionated, Demanding, Visionary, Moody, Holds the group together)

Montae Hudson: Restaurant Owner- “Simmer Restaurant and Lounge”
(Self motivated, Highly ambitious, Dangerously in love, Misunderstood, Spoiled)

Victor Reid: Montae’s Investor- “Reid Enterprises” (The Billion Dollar Reid Empire)
(Business Mogul, UndercoverI)

Nicki Zanotti-Reid: Victor’s Wife- Fashion Designer and heir to the Giuseppe shoe line
(Barren, Bitch, Ruthless, Will do whatever it takes to get her way)

Karla Whitmore: Private Practitioner- “Whitmore Clinic”
(Emotional, Secret crush on LeToya)

Raina “Rai” Davis: Corporate Lawyer- “Raina Davis and Associates”
(Montae’s BFF, Karla’s partner)

Avery Jackson: Web Designer- “Chatter Social Network”
(Never wants to see his friend’s happy, Goes against the grain, Insincere, Lonely, and Single)

Tyrell McDonald: Property Manager- “Reid Towers Luxury High Rise”
(Alcoholic, Loves Beyonce, In and out of love)

Bradley “Minx” Christian: Fashion Boutique Manager- “Belladonna’s Boutique”
(Delusional, Playa’, Plays the field, Spontaneous, Aaron’s BFF)

Dashel Stephens: Dancer/Choreographer- “Dashel Stephens Institute of Dance” 
(Flamboyant, Gossip)

Harold Campbell: TV Personality- “Haute TV”/”Harold Campbell Entertainment Agency”
(Eccentric, Fashion forward, In the know, Condescending, Arrogant)

Robert Braxton: Nurse- “Whitmore Clinic” 
(Workaholic, Judgmental and Single)

LeToya Jones: Hair Stylist- “Weave It To Me Salon and Spa”
(Looks for love in all the wrong men, Inquisitive)

Jermaine Thompson: Minister- “Second Genesis Baptist Church”
(Newly reformed, Backslider, Loud, Over the top, Always quoting scriptures)

Lucas “Luke” James: Victor’s Personal Assistant- Reid Enterprises
(Wing man, Ambitious, Status climber, Always stressed and pressured)

Marquis Parsons: Private Investor-“MP Consolidated” (Well known on the streets, Untrustworthy, Elusive, Cunning, Self Indulged)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 28, 2016 SO DON'T WAIT BECAUSE YOU MIGHT MISS OUT ON BEING A PART OF THIS PROJECT in Atlanta at a location that will be emailed to you once we have received your head shot (or clear photo) and a resume of your past work:


There are a limited number of audition slots so the sooner you reply the better!!

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Paid job: yes
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